The specific and correct use of diffuser bottle

   1. Generally, you need to place the funnel on the mouth of the aromatherapy bottle, and then inject the aromatherapy essential oil to the bottle about two-thirds of the height of the bottle.

  2. Then put the core of the core into the bottle along the mouth of the bottle, and then put the core of the core on the mouth of the bottle stably without exposing the core. If you use Xinruitou for the first time, you need to wait for 30 minutes, so you need to use the Ruitou to inhale the essential oils to a saturated state.

       3. It is necessary to make sure that the diffuser bottle body and the desktop are completely free of spilled aromatherapy essential oils before you can ignite the core, so that the flame can continue to burn for 2 to 3 minutes and then blow it out from the side to make the diffuser bottle in a fire-free state , Slowly catalyze and release essential oil molecules. Do not leave when the flame is burning.

  3. Put on the hollow lid and start to enjoy the aromatherapy. If the indoor space of 40 square meters is used as the benchmark, it only takes 40 minutes to catalyze, then the aroma effect of the diffuser bottle can last up to 6 hours.

  4. If you need to stop using it, just remove the hollow cover, and then close the sealing cover and hollow cover, and then store the entire set of diffuser bottle and aromatherapy oil in a safe place, so that it can be used next time.

Matters needing attention when using diffuser bottle

  1. When the ruitou is in use, it usually takes 30 minutes to wait, and then let the ruitou absorb the essential oil to the saturated state. It is also necessary to put the required essential oils in the measuring cup, so that the vaporized core head is soaked in the measuring cup for one minute, and then the cotton core is soaked and the essential oil is poured back into the incense bottle for use.

  2. If essential oil is spilled on the mouth or body of the bottle, be sure to wipe it dry before lighting.

   Can a diffuser bottle be replaced with different essential oils?

   is generally possible, but before changing into another essential oil, please make sure that the previous essential oil has been used up. After changing to a new essential oil, there will still be some taste of the previous essential oil at the beginning. But soon that taste will be replaced by new ones. Because different essential oils are used in the same core, it is easier to mix. Therefore, we recommend using a different diffuser bottle. Or use different essential oils with different cores. This can extend the life of the core head.