What should I do if the perfume lotion pumps are broken?

        Perfume lotion pumps are more troublesome to operate, and the spray head is generally not available after damage. You can buy spray heads combined with perfume at the store. If you can't find a suitable perfume nozzle, you can also buy a new perfume bottle, and then put the perfume in the new bottle, so that it can be used normally.
lotion pumps
        Spraying perfume with the correct posture can protect the lotion pumps. Press gently when spraying perfume. Because the perfume spray head is relatively fragile, it will break if you are not careful. The long-term use of the nozzle is related to the method of use. If you spray perfume frequently and press it with brute force, it is very easy to cause the nozzle to slip and cause the nozzle to break.