How to remove the rust on the candle metal lid

   Generally speaking, to remove the rust of the candle metal lid, you can use various tools to shovel it off, or soak it in an acid solution to dissolve the rust of the candle metal lid. After removing the rust of the candle metal lid, the surface of the metal lid must be treated and plated with metal that is not easy to rust. A more thorough method is to add some other metals to the candle metal lid to make a stainless alloy. The stainless steel we are familiar with is an alloy made by adding a little nickel and chromium to the steel.

  The commonly used methods to prevent the rust of the candle metal lid are:

   (1) The composition alloy is used to change the internal structure of the candle metal lid. For example, adding metals such as chromium and nickel to ordinary steel to make stainless steel can greatly increase the rust resistance of candle scriptures.

(2) Covering the protective layer on the surface of candle metal lid products is actually an important method to prevent the rust of candle metal lid products. Generally speaking, it can be divided into the following types according to the composition of the protective layer. In candle metal lid products The surface is coated with mineral oil, paint or fired enamel, sprayed, etc. Or, the surface of the steel candle metal lid is coated with a layer of non-rusting metal, such as zinc, tin, chromium, and nickel, by electroplating and hot-dip plating. Eventually, a dense oxide film will be formed on these metal surfaces, which can prevent candle metal lid products from contacting with water, air and other substances from rusting.
candle metal lid
   (3) Keeping the surface of candle metal lid products clean and dry is also a good way to prevent rust. If the above does not help you, then you can try wrapping with plastic film to see how effective it is. Here are some protective measures:

1. Anti-rust paper anti-rust: Anti-rust paper is an economical and environmentally friendly anti-rust packaging material. It is generally used for the packaging, transportation and storage of small candle metal lids or non-metal parts; anti-rust The effect is rapid and easy to use. And it has the best moisture-proof, anti-rust and anti-corrosion functions. It also has the characteristics of long anti-rust time, safe use, beautiful packaging and low cost. It has been widely used and has now become an indispensable anti-rust material.

  3. Anti-rust film anti-rust: take paint protection or wax spray anti-rust: wax spray is to spray a layer of wax protective film on the metal surface, which can isolate the metal surface from moisture to achieve the purpose of anti-rust. This method is simple to use, and is generally cleaned with hot water when cleaning. It is a safe and environmentally friendly one-time anti-rust material. In addition to the above methods, the storage environment of the candle metal lid should be kept dry, and the humidity should not be higher than 50%.