What can cause moldy wood lid

Improper use of wood lid is likely to cause mold, so we have to look at the small coups for wood lid moldy treatment, and see if there is any way to prevent wood lid mold.

Generally speaking, the mildew on the wood lid can be removed with milk, alcohol, ammonia, potassium permanganate and sodium bisulfite. Generally speaking, mildew spots appear, which are usually caused by the wood lid absorbing more water. If the surface is only treated, regardless of the root cause to prevent water absorption, the mildew spots will still appear in the future. To really remove the mildew spots, stop the water source and keep ventilation. Smooth let it dry naturally, there is water in it.
Generally, you can try to use mildew spray, or bleach, which is a kind of thing that uses the strong oxidizing property of hypochlorous acid to oxidize and bleach. Moldy and blackening are generally caused by the residual melanin metabolized by mold cells and molds on the wood. Cleaning agents are effective, but they will also leave more obvious dark spots.

To prevent mildew on the wood lid, we must start from the most fundamental point, that is, start with prevention. To prevent the occurrence of mildew, we must understand the cause.

Causes of moldy wood lid

1. Because the general wood fiber contains protein, starch, oil, cellulose, etc., wood is very suitable for mold production and reproduction. This will cause some woods to be prone to mold due to the different content of different wood components, and some woods are not. Easy to mold.

2. In spring, the temperature rises, the air humidity is high, and the mold multiplies quickly. Therefore, spring is the peak period for furniture mold.

3. The wood lid itself has a relatively high humidity, and it is less moldy when it is dry, but it is easy to mold when the humidity is greater than 20%, so fresh wood must be treated with mold

4. The surrounding air is fluid, and the airtight environment accelerates the growth of mold and is more likely to cause mold. If the air circulation is good, it will be better.